Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sake Tasting Tour at Lake Kawaguchi

Sake, wine made from rice, very tasty, very nice. And, a few weeks ago a group of us sake lovers took a train trip to Lake Kawaguchi (one of the 5 lakes around Mt. Fuji) to visit the Ide Sake Brewery. The first leg of the trip was from Yokosuka Station to Shinjuku in Tokyo. At Shijuku we transferred to a special train that would take us all the way to Lake Kawaguchi. Pictured here is the train at the platform at Kawaguchiko Station.

Near the foot of Mt. Fuji the train station at Kawaguchiko is quite picturesque and fits in well with local scenery.

After we left the station we set out on foot to find the Brewery.

The advanced search team is hot on the trail.

Things are looking good - we think this is the place!

Our leader [Mr. "K"] takes a moment to think and verify that we have arrived.

We have arrived in deed! We start out in the brewery tasting room.

But! before any tasting can be done the Master of Ide brewery walks and talks us through the process of making sake.

Since the sake producing season is over we are mostly just talked through the process.

And, talked...

And talked... Mr. "K" is pondering his dry throat while standing in the store room for bottles.

Once the tour is over we're taken back to the tasting room for more talk.  Mr. "K" is ready for a taste of sake. But first we must listen to the virtues of the underground water in the Kawaguchiko area and how it is a key ingredient in making great sake. All fascinating stuff.

At last, the Master pours us a sample.

And, a second sample.

Then we are introduced to a second variety.

The Master continues to educate us on virtues of the local water, the climate, how high above sea level we are, the best time of year for making sake, and so on and so forth.

However, we are only thinking about how good this sake is and are busily consuming it; please sir can I have some more!

Another member of our group has noticed the big transformation in Mr. "K". He's giddy with enjoyment.

The fun continues and we get to try three different kinds of sake.

The Master tells us that the tasting is over and we all buy several of his bottles of sake to take home.

Once outside Mr. "K" sets up for a group picture.

Then we say goodbye to the Master and head back to the station.

All aboard.

And, it's off to home. This was truly a lot of fun and very educational too!

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