Friday, May 2, 2014

Riding the Street Cars of Tokyo

Being the big public transportation buff that I am, when I heard that there was a street car line still operating in Tokyo I had to check it out. We did this a few weeks ago hence all the cherry blossoms in bloom.

Here comes a street car!

And, there goes a street car!

Inside looking out.

Since the cars are designed to go in both directions there are controls at both ends of the car.

This is a terrific way to get around.

There is a big park in this area of town so we got off and decided to do a little exploring.

Vendors were set up just outside the station selling tasty food items to enjoy in the park.

The only thing between us and the park is the street car. That problem is soon resolved and into the park we go.

Let's PARTY! Man, this place is covered with people enjoying the cherry blossoms; as well as booze and food.

Party, party, party!

That's it, take off your shoes before sitting down to have a good time.

There are at least a few thousand people here today.

After walking around the park we got back on the street car and rode it to the end of the line. At that point we started trekking toward Asakusa. In the distance is the famous Sky-tree tower

To make a long story short we spent the night in Tokyo and the next morning continued our walking tour.

After breakfast we started walking toward the Imperial Palace. En-route we stopped by this shrine where Emi paused to pray.

One of the entrances to the Palace grounds.

Hard to believe there is such an open and beautiful place like this in the middle of the enormous metropolis of Tokyo.

This is such a tranquil environment.

On this particular day the public was allowed into the inner palace grounds for cherry blossom viewing. This is a very rare event.

Not wanting to stand in the long line to enter the grounds we moved on in the opposite direction.

This is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. We went up to the observation deck on the 45th floor where there is an awesome view of the city of Tokyo. It was pretty hazy so I didn't take any pictures.

Back down on the ground and a final shot before turning off the camera and heading home.

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