Friday, May 9, 2014

A Taste of Golden Week - 2014

Another year, another Golden Week and while many people took to the highways and to the air to visit relatives or other countries, we, as usual, stayed close to home. So, what does one do? Well, for starters, a visit to the Yokohama International Passenger Terminal on a beautiful sunny day is always a good thing.

Plenty of space to contemplate the true meaning of life.

Or, just fall asleep. Perhaps mulling over the meaning of life is best left to a bad weather day.

Philosophy can wait for a rainy day. Now is the time to enjoy the view.

Now is the time to enjoy being together - keep it simple and smile.

Moving along, taking a bus, I think the grass is plenty green on this side of the fence.

Be one with the camera... it always works for me.

Off in the distance I heard the beat of a drum and the whistle of a flute.

In front of the Kanagawa Prefecture Government building some high school Taiko drummers were performing for free. And, I like free!

These kids are really good.

There's a lot of energy here.

After the drum performance it was time to head over to Yamashita Park to see what was going on.

Well, what a surprise, the singing maids have taken to the stage.

The day is full of surprises. Is it Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

Maybe so.

The name of this rose is Mona Lisa.

One nice thing about golden week is that there is a lot of free street entertainment. This guy was in full swing mode playing Kenny G like smooth jazz in front of Kannai Hall in Bashamichi.

Of course, there are those who have places to go and things to do and the week is just another week.

Anyway, those were some of the highlights from my Golden Week.

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