Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yoshida-cho Does It Again!

The nice people of Yoshida-cho organized another Beer Garden Block Party so of course Emi and I decided to go. The Beer Garden would be opening at 2:00 pm so we decided to have lunch at noon in Isezaki-cho and then go for a walk for some exercise and to help build up a thirst for some cold beer. Lunch was good but the weather outside was hot!

This couple are staying cool by taking to the road on a motor cycle.

This young lady wears her yukata (casual summer kimono) in the hope of staying cool.

No plan here, just sweat it out.

Here's a great idea to stay cool, just take off your shirt!

Seems that there's some kind of event going on at the Stadium - youth orientated for sure.

The young congregate to enjoy a hot summer day.

Corn rows to channel the sweat off his head.

At last we arrive at the Beer Garden where we are greeted by smiling vendors.

The band is already rocking out!

All drinks at this stall are 500 yen.

Caught in the act! My first beer of the day and it sure did taste good.

The cure for Summer heat.

The pole dancers came out only to find that the pole and it's platform were to hot to use. They would wait a little longer for things to cool down.

Trying to cool off with a fan.

Are we really in Japan?

Don't worry, just have a beer.

The drummer from the first band is collecting donations for their performance. We were happy to drop some money in the bucket; they were quite good.

The next band is playing and the sun has gone done a bit, time for the show to begin.

Move over Cyndi Lauper, there's a new girl in town.

Time for us to move on, Emi looks for a place to dispose of our two beer cans.

Emi and I are not big beer drinkers and we were feeling like we'd been roasted in the Sun, so we swung by our favorite stand bar for a couple of chu-hi's and to enjoy the air conditioned room. One for the road and then we were off for home.
Despite the heat we had a great day!

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