Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Been Fun All Summer Long

It's still plenty hot outside and the humidity is a killer, and yet... I feel the summer is slipping away and autumn is creeping in. I see it in the flowers, I see it in the trees, with a bit of sadness I watch the summer go; and with it a small piece of me. So, here's a spread of pictures to help usher out one season and say hello to the new one.

Line up!

I love that the stadium is in the middle of a park instead of a parking lot.

Sunday has a sense of freedom about it. Just get on your bike and ride!

There's no love like that of a mother and her child.

The Ookagawa (Ooka river), magic things happen along the Ooka river no matter what time of year it is.

The Yokohama fire department band. I dig it!

We all dig it! Even if we don't show it.

The welcome shade of the overpass on a hot sunny day.

A Thai festival in Yamashita park.

Heeding the call of the drummer girl at Nihon Odori.

 Being a drummer on a street corner can be a lonely experience.

Emi's checking out a street vendor.

I think every corner building should be designed and built with a round corner.

Ahhh... the familiarity of Yokohama Bashi; everyone is always welcome here.

How much are them bananas?

Kimchee ally.

Like a moth to the flame, the lantern and I.

The cozy back streets of Noge.

Hinodecho station, time to call it a day.

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