Sunday, August 4, 2013

Latin Jazz Night Live - In Omori City!

Last night was simply awesome! Once again we went to the big band night in Omori city thanks to our friend Sagi-san. The level of entertainment is high, the band is superb, we're talking fun, fun, fun!

Our friend Sagi-san is really enjoying the music.

One of the featured guest performers was making beautiful music on his flute.

Shin-chan responds enthusiastically.

The percussion section is such a delight.

Shin-chan's wife Mayumi-chan is having a good time.

The flute player performs on his base flute. I have never seen a base flute before.

Shin-chan has never seen a base flute before, but he likes what he hears.

Seiko-san (far right) will sing a song.

"I Left My Heart In San Francisco"

Everyone listens as Seiko-san sings.

The piano player, Machida-san, and his friend sit with us.

Machida-san is a very gifted piano player, and a nice guy too!

Sagi-san's friend, Kawamoto-san (right side of the picture).

Machida-san tells us about playing with the band.

The facility for the concert is quite nice.

The concert is over and everyone starts to leave. I'm already looking forward to the Fall because that's when the next concert is scheduled.

Mayumi-chan and Emi-chan chit-chat on the train as we head home.

Some people on the train look like their day was harder than ours...

Like this platform attendant at Kawasaki Station.

Every picture tells a story.

After changing trains at Kawasaki, Shin-chan settles in for a little snooze.

Late night on the train... purple hair and all!

At Yokosuka Station Emi and I say goodbye and get off the train.

Time for a night cap before going home so we pop into Tenkuni's for a quick drink.

We're not the only ones having a late night drink.

The waitress informs us that they are closing soon.

So, it's bottoms up and we're heading for the door. Good night!

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