Friday, June 14, 2013

Walking in the Rain

The rainy season is here and that means a lot of walking in the rain. This is not the best time of year for photography but I do my best to take pictures anyway. These are the sights I see when I walk to work on a rainy morning.

Early morning downtown Yokosuka.

Just get on the bus and leave the driving to us.

There is no shortage of buses in Yokosuka.

A hardcore cyclist going to work.

The flowers always look better to me in the rain.

Backstreet shortcut to work.

Umbrellas are not for everyone.

When in doubt, check your cell phone.

While some people are going to work others are just finishing work and are going home.

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  1. I actually love rain! I am checking weather forecast for Yokosuka and it looks like it's comfortably warm there too. Very nice! Thanks for update :)

    1. Hi Elena, it is comfortably warm right now but the humidity level is on the rise! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Regards, Mike