Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Pedestrian in Yokohama

That's me, a person traveling on foot, seeing the sights and having a good time. There are those that think a pedestrian is someone that lacks distinction - I disagree. When one moves about on foot the world slows down and reveals itself in so many wonderful ways. Walk with me and see for yourself.

The Yokohama Historical Archive cloaked in ivy.

A quiet corner to call a loved one on a payphone.

A place to entertain or just relax with a book.

A walk to Osanbashi and the Nippon Maru waits to sail off with all hands.

Sometimes a pedestrian can be a tourist too! Nothing wrong with seeing famous landmarks.

Like the "Landmark Tower".

There is a limit to my enthusiasm. I think I'd puke on this ride.

Yes, now I'm sure I'd puke.

This ride has motion sickness written all over it too.

This is more my speed.

Sometimes a pedestrian needs to take a break and enjoy the moment while sitting on a grassy hillside.

This pedestrian is packing a pup!

Some people walk with grace and elegance.

A stroll over to Yokohama Park and we find the Yokohama Port Opening Bazaar is still in full swing.

Pedestrians of all ages are having a good day.

Living the Yokohama Dream!

It's a beautiful day for a walk in the sunshine of your life.

A walk is best when one walks with a friend.

Pedestrians see the world
Slipping into life at much slower speeds
Ready for new sights and sounds
Everything special without special needs
Walking to the rhythm,
Of a life of those who feel free

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  1. Nice post and great shots Mike. That ship looks gorgeous! Waiting for next weekend adventure! :)