Sunday, June 23, 2013

Motomachi Park - An Oasis In Yokohama

I went in search of Motomachi Park on Saturday, and I found it.

Firstly, I would think that most people familiar with Motomachi only think of the busy shopping street and don't know that there is a Park; I was one of those people. Then I read in another blog (Weekend Walks In Yokohama about this neat little Park that is only a few blocks away from the main street. So, I had to find it.

These pictures are what I always have in mind when I think of Motomachi.

And, only a short distance from that we come to... Motomachi Park!

At the entrance to the park there is a water basin that was built in the 1800's when the site was a brick and tile factory.

There are beautiful carp calling this basin home.

The brick factory was built here because of the abundance of natural spring water used in the manufacturing process. This is the view from the entrance to the park.

This is a nice quiet spot; a good place to bring a bento lunch and a book to enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

There are several spring fed fountains in the park that provided an atmosphere of coolness on a hot summer day.

Children play in the fountains run off.

This fountain feeds a shallow pool, I'll take a closer look.

Close ups of the different fountains.

On the other side of the main building is a swimming pool.

It appears that the local children are having a good time.

I enjoyed the park very much and intend to bring my wife here in the near future for a picnic style lunch.

These are some pictures I took after I left the park and walked back to Hinodecho train station.

The sky was beautiful over the bay by Yamashita Park.

It was a good day for a wedding reception at Nihon Odori.

Local bus approaching the Bashamichi district.

A parting view of the Ooka river just across the street from the train station.

Thanks for stopping by!

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