Friday, March 22, 2013

Ohanami - Along the Ooka River

This is it! The Cherry blossoms are blooming! Emi and I went to Yokohama to walk along the Ooka river and enjoy ohanami (viewing the blossoms). We were not the only ones there. Check it out!

These kids were rowing their boat up the river.

Man, it looks like hard work to me.

Sweet Emi.

Yes, it's me.

At noon we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.

This was the first time we ate here. It won't be the last the food was great.

The food must be good, even the cooks eat it!

After lunch we returned to the river.

Street vendors set up stands along the river and sell all sorts of things.

Including chocolate covered bananas.

Even the Police were out enjoying the cherry blossoms.

It was a glorious day!

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