Monday, January 11, 2021

Wakayama Prefecture - The rest of the adventure!

 I have been lazy. I did not complete the Wakayama trip adventure. The problem is that we did so much sightseeing in such a short time on that trip that I was a bit overwhelmed to remember all the details to go with the pictures. However, here I am now to wrap things up

Visiting Kimiidera Temple

The thing about visiting anywhere in Japan is that it is inevitable that going up and down a steep set of steps will be involved.

And, sometimes the effort is worth it.

This temple was founded in 770.

A main destination for pilgrimages'.

There is a nice view of Wakanoura bay from the temple grounds.

Then there is the long decent back down to ground level.

Next up - Nachi Waterfall. We were transported to the waterfall as well as everywhere else on this super nice bus.

To get to the falls from the parking lot... steps!

As always the effort to go up and down steps is worth it. BTW, Nachi Waterfall at 133m is the highest waterfall cascade in Japan.

Next to the waterfall and via a lot of steep steps is Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine.

More steps.

From one area of the shrine grounds is a view of the Nachi waterfall.

Of course we had to do a been-there-done-that picture of each other.

This shrine occupies a lot of land.

Yes, more steps.

It never ends.

In the bus parking lot we are given a local guide and then we head off for...

...more steps down the side of the mountain. The light streaming through the trees was terrible for photography so I put away my camera and focused on walking down the steps made from big stones. Many of the steps were covered with a slippery moss and one needed to pay attention where one stepped or falling down was inevitable.  The walking sticks the guide provided us with were a big help.

Next up - Onigajo Rocks.

This is more my speed.

Just goofing around with a nice view of the ocean.

Easy access and almost no steps.

Peace and tranquility.

Last stop: Shichiri-mihama Beach

A local guide tells us all about it.

Per the guide: Shichiri-mihama Beach is a long, shingle beach running from the Onigajo Rocks to the mouth of the Kumano River. The name "shichi-ri" refers to the old Chinese and Japanese distance of one ri, which is around 3.93km, so seven ri would be approximately 27.5km. The beach is actually nearer 22km long and is the longest shingle beach in Japan.
Shichiri-mihama Beach is part of the Yoshino-Kumano National Park and is known as a breeding place for loggerhead turtles between May and September each year.

And, that wraps up our Wakayama trip!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

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