Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Weekend in Tokyo - October 2018

I'm still trying to get back to Jogashima Island but in the meantime we took a few days to visit Tokyo. We began the 3 day weekend attending a Big Band Jazz concert on Saturday night. The next morning we woke up to a beautiful day and we decided to do a major 10 kilometer walk to Kapabashi.

Our hotel was in Mita which is very close to Tokyo Tower. I like Tokyo Tower with its classic Eiffel tower design.

The morning sun shines brightly on this historic sight. That's the thing about Tokyo, the old and the new stand side-by-side in peace and harmony.

Morning jogger. Take a look at the wall to the left of him.

The wall is made of old ceramic roof tiles stacked on on top of the other.

There's no escaping the Tower, it's everywhere. Prince hotel in the foreground.

Reflections on the side of this skyscraper.

One of the buildings in the reflection. They don't build them like that anymore.

The outer moat  of the Emperors Palace on the left and modern construction on the right.

Don't stop building.

A last look at the moat as we walk on by.

One of the best things about Japan is the availability of clean public restrooms. 

This public restroom is built like a small fortress.

The citizens of Tokyo are a determined breed of people.

Hardcore shoppers too!

And, they're enthusiastic public drinkers! This charming young lady is enjoying a can of beer.

A view of the Tokyo Skytree.

Day 3, Monday morning and the sun isn't shinning. There's a Bullet train flying through on the elevated train tracks.

Today's destination is Ginza. It's another long walk for us but that's the way we like it.

Plenty of direction arrows to help this jaywalker.

I've heard that when couples are married for a long time they start to resemble each other.

We took a side trip to Tsukiji fish market. We were not alone.

A lot of foreign visitors here this morning.

He got himself a plate of crab legs.

Kids are cute.

There are no age restrictions in Tsukiji market, everyone is welcome here.

Moving on, we passed by the Kabuki Theater.

This theater was completely rebuilt a few years ago. They maintained the traditional design.


On weekends and holidays they block off the main street so that pedestrians can roam about freely. .

It's nice.

Last shot of the day: Smile for the camera!

It was a great three day weekend. Tokyo can be a fun place to visit. But now it's time to go home!
All images were taken with a Fuji X100F camera.

Bonus shots!
X-Pro2, camera and XF 18mm f2 lens
Yokohama - October 9th, 2018

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