Saturday, March 24, 2018

Out with the cold, In with the new - Spring 2018!

Have you had enough of the winter blues?

Starting to think that the cold days of winter are going to last forever?

Are you wondering when the cherry blossoms of spring are going to start blooming?

Hip, hip hooray! That day has arrived!

Spring is here!

Sure, there are still some cold grey days to be dealt with this month and maybe next too, but there's no turning back because of that.

Yokohama is alive with all the colors of the rainbow!

You want red?

We got red!

You want pinks and yellows - no problem - we got them too!

Don't let a little grey sky fool you - the flowers don't lie!

Of course it's not time to put the winter coat away in a box with moth balls yet - mornings and nights are still a bit chilly damn cold.

Some may have their doubts about my enthusiastic attitude toward the change in seasons.

But I do not doubt myself.

A cherry blossom tree blooms in Yamashita park.

In my wanderings around town I see the nicest things - like the beauty of a mother and her daughter.

Did you ever notice how some people are turned off of by happy carefree people.

Well, I'm not one of them. I love happy people!

A seagull is testing his flaps before takeoff.

I see that flowers aren't the only things exhibiting the colors of the rainbow.

Even the working class people are noticing the change in seasons.

By noontime it's warm enough to walk around in shirtsleeves.

Now this is more like it. Hallelujah, living to see another spring.

Yokohama park has some nice trees in bloom right now!

And, the tulips are starting to bloom too!

Daisies, daisies, daisies!

Time to check out the waterfront.

Blue skies and cruise ships - be careful not to get shanghaied!

The smaller ship is pretty good at parallel parking.

Suitable for framing.

The youth of Japan enjoying the warmth of the afternoon.

It's a beautiful day, enjoy a stroll on Nihon Odori avenue.

It's not all sunshine and happiness around here for everyone.
"Hey Mister, can we have our ball back"
--Beatles, "A Hard Day's Night"

Last shot of the day: At the end of the day we must all remember to "keep calm and carry on"; the joy of Spring will still be here when we get up tomorrow morning.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. some of the pics are fantastic...bravo!

    1. Thank you, Wickets, I am humbled by your comment.