Friday, May 5, 2017

Pieces of April 2017

Time to close out April. No better way than with the song "Pieces of April" playing in my head.

Note: "Pieces of April"was written by Dave Loggins and was most famously performed by Three Dog Night.

Last call for the tulips in Yokohama park.

By now they've reached their peak and are now in decline.

We had them for the month of April.

They delighted us with their beauty.

Now they wave goodbye.

April meant it was time for al fresco in the park.

Flower gardens are good for reminding us what beauty it really all about.

Yamashita Park in Yokohama.

Green is good.

Let's discuss.

My kind of store.

I was following a small stream in Ofuna.

The things one sees when following a stream.

The last of the late bloomers. Petals fall like rain.

I'm not the only one going with the flow.

Ofuna on a bright sunny day.

And, now I'm in Zushi. This is what living life without a plan is all about.

I wanna hold your hand.

I get around... now I'm in the back streets of Noge. The booze pick up and delivery business.

Everyone is gettin' around.

Flying fish at the Isezaki shopping street.

One thing always leads to another. The flea market in Odori koen.

This is where people come to buy and sell junk cool stuff.

Selling cool stuff in the hot Sun.

Dogs love flea markets. Or maybe fleas love dog markets.

Somebody sees through my cloak of invisibility.

My ship has finally come.

The Hato bus girl.

The warmth of the Sun.

Sight seeing with our shadows.

When you hear the train a comin'... to get out of the way! 'cause April has come and gone.

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