Wednesday, September 14, 2016

When The Rain Comes

Here in Japan there is a standard question: Will it rain today? More often than not the answer is "yes". Normally I avoid taking pictures on a rainy day but for some unknown reason I decided to see what I could do with  a rain orientated theme. So, I went out with a camera and an umbrella and here's the resulting images.

One of the first things I discovered was that the rain doesn't show up well in photographs. It's easier to get the results of rain; like splashes in the river, or the reaction to rain like people holding umbrellas.

Then there's the wet sidewalk surface.

To wet to hang the laundry today.

Nothing like a good coat of wax to help protect a car.

It's raining everywhere and not a rain drop in is shown. I guess one would need a torrential downpour for the rain to show up in the picture.

People waiting for the pachinko parlor to open.

 She's got this covered.

I stopped by to see my old friend Nicky. She was getting wet so I loaned her my umbrella.

Her poor sister Nicole was left out in the rain.

Taxis love rainy days.

Motorcyclists don't love rainy days.

For a moment the rain stopped and everyone could give their umbrella holding arm a rest.

But, it was only stopped for a few minutes and that was that.

"If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads"
-- Lennon/McCartney

When I passed by the Yokohama Historical Archive I decided to go in and wipe off my camera.

At the Historical Archive they've got a nice little room that's perfect for cleaning up the camera gear.

Back on the street, camera in one hand umbrella in the other.

I may be getting wet, but I'm having a great time.

I went into the Port Opening Memorial Hall where they have a brilliant stain glass window of Commodore Perry's ship.

They have one of the cleanest rest rooms I've ever had the pleasure of photographing myself in.

Inside looking out.

This scooter won't be much fun today.

I'd love to step into this wine bar and wait for the rain to stop while sipping a nice glass of wine, but not today - I'm a man on a mission.

The shopping must be done!

Operating undercover.

Still operating undercover. It's like I'm wearing a cloak of invisibility; no one notices me.

I've got the song "Singing In The Rain" playing in my head.

Some days the rain comes to your doorstep.

Fishing in the rain.

Marching to the beat of the rain.

The thrill of a rainy day is gone.

The littlest one didn't seem to thrilled with the rain as well.

I got my rain boots
My umbrella too
I'm out with my mommy
How about you

Off they go to do some shopping.

The veggies look good.

For me, this yakitori stand looks better. Enough of the rain, time to put the camera away and enjoy a cold one!

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