Friday, October 9, 2015

A Carefree Life

Scenes from a typical weekend of a guy trying to live a carefree life.

There's a free Zoo in Yokohama. It's small, a bit rundown and there aren't many animals. But, like I said, "it's free".

When I passed through the Zoo this Giraffe was very curious about me.  

Close by the Zoo is the Iseyama Shrine.

The shrine is on a hill above the Noge district and is well worth a visit.

A glimpse of a priest behind the scenes.

A shrine maiden takes a picture of a family that just had their baby blessed.

Nothing says "carefree" like a lantern outside a yakitori shop.

Inside looking out on the world as it slowly goes by.

A cab driver takes a break from his bumper to bumper life.

Pause and enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Look through the window (don't mind the spider webs) there's a view to be enjoyed.

Walking the waterfront is a great way to enjoy the simple life.

The Minatomirai skyline.

Water sports!

A Chinese couple attempt the two handed selfie.

When they said "a walk will do you good", they were talking about walking here.

By chance I was at the Yokohama International Passenger Terminal when this Mega Yacht tied up to the pier.

This is biggest Yacht I've ever seen. Look how small the people on the pier look compared to the yacht.

Moving on I passed through Kannai.

Then back through Noge

And, along the Ookagawa river where the cherry tree leaves are slowly turning yellow.

Getting close to lunch time. Need to find a place to have a carefree meal.

It was such a beautiful day I settled for a box lunch in the Harbor View park.

I took a subway from Motomachi to Yokohama station and this group of school girls sat across from me.

No cell phones glued to their faces, no Ipods plugged into their ears... just a group of kids talking, laughing, enjoying each others company.

Well, those were scenes from my carefree weekend. I hope you enjoyed.

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