Friday, July 31, 2015

Scenes from Summer

The simple fact of the matter is that as often as possible I go out and take pictures of whatever interests me; and almost everything interests me. So, here are some images from the last two weekends.

Early morning at Misaki fishing port.

Not far from the waterfront is a morning market.

Shifting gears, and location, The point where the Ookagawa river flows into the sea.

Bringing in a big one to Osanbashi passenger terminal.

Even though it was hot out here, there was a nice breeze to help make it bearable.

A boy, a girl, a ship!

People make the most of the interesting background.

A summer place in the park.

Things are a lot cooler in the underground subway station.

The sun blazes down on Horinochi station.

Mother and daughter are inseparable today.

A beautiful summer yukata. I rarely see a red pattern like this.

Like I said, everything is interesting to me.

Taking it to the street.

Like a clip on a wire
A lamp post lights desire
Such is the neighborhood,
Where we are
Perhaps we strayed,
A bit to far

The back streets of Yoshida-cho...

...dreary by day, paradise at night.

One doesn't always want to see things too clearly.

The centerpiece of Yamashita park. The shooting water of the fountain gives everyone a momentary sense of being at an oasis in the middle of a desert.

And, then reality quickly returns as we sizzle under the sun.

A birds eye view in Motomachi.

Don't stop moving or you'll melt.

Last shot of the day, last shot for the month of July. A race between woman and machine.

See you in August. And, as always - thanks for stopping by!

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