Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mt Fuji in all its glory, November 2014

We spent last Thursday traveling around the Mt Fuji 5 lakes area. We were pretty lucky, the sky was clear and Mt Fuji had a healthy dose of snow on top.

We just arrived at Lake Yamanakako and I stopped the car and took the first picture of the day.

Encouraged by the clarity of the sky we quickly drove to the secret view point up above the far end of the lake for this picture.

Ok, maybe it's not a secret view point, let's just say it's a lesser known view point.

Dropping back down to the lake shore we were blessed with this view.

Zooming in on the mountain just to the right of center one can see the climbing trail outlined in the snow.

Need a closer look to see it?

And, now one should be able to see it quite clearly. The climb is so steep that a switchback trail is necessary.

Back down on the ground for a last shot from the lake shore.

A view from the farm land in Oshino. I wonder what the farmers think when they're out working the land with such a majestic view in the background.

On the way to Lake Kawaguchiko we stopped by Sengen shrine where I took these pictures of some stone lanters lining the path to the main shrine.

On the upper right side of the tree steam is rising off the bark as the strong morning sun cooks off the moisture of the morning dew.

We have arrived at Lake Kawaguchiko

The Autumn leaves are brilliant!

Such a peaceful scene,

We are surrounded by gorgeous leaves in every shade of red and yellow imaginable.

Our luck continues to hold as we arrive at lake Saiko.

Lake Saiko is probably the least visited of the Mt Fuji 5 lakes.

The quite lake side is perfect for reflecting on the how fortunate we are and not to dwell on the troubles of the world.  

The last lake of the day, Shojiko!

Small in size but extremely picturesque.

This lake is very popular in the summer time with the kayakers.

The day has progressed and there is a bit of a chill creeping into the air (it's getting cold out here!).

So, it's time for the last shot of the day and then it's off to our hot spring Inn and a nice soak in the hot bath before dinner.

Camera - Sigma SD1 Merrill, Lenses - various Sigma lenses.

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