Monday, April 14, 2014

On The Road Again! Yamanashi Prefecture

On the road again, as in Overnight Trip! This past weekend we hit the road for a hot spring Inn deep in the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture. But first, we had to get there and that took us past some of the Mt. Fuji 5 lakes.

This may seem a bit self indulgent but the scenes around Lake Kawaguchii of Mt. Fuji were so nice I took quite a few pictures. It was such a nice day and the cherry blossoms around the lake were just starting to bloom.

A little further down the road dried reeds took the place of cherry blossoms.

Sometimes the world looks better  through a curtain of reeds.

Also... near the lake is a shop that specializes in products made of silk. Like this cherry blossom patterned parasol.

And, lantern...

And, other stuff.

Decorated silk cocoons.

Anyway, after that we crossed over the hills and into the fruit belt of Yamanashi and discovered that the peach trees were in full magnificent bloom.

I had no idea that peach tree blossoms were so beautiful.

Everyone talks about plum and cherry blossoms but one has never lived until they're standing in the middle of a peach orchard on a day like today.

That's the southern alps in the background.

Back on the road and a whole lot more driving, we finally arrived at our Inn. A simple and comfortable room.

A view of the front entrance as I go back to the car for a few things (like drinks!).

This is our ride... affectionately known as PGH, or PeeGee for short. It's a Suzuki mini jeep that suits our needs perfectly, and it's fun to drive too!

Back in the room it's time for a cup of sake (rice wine). After that I parked the camera until the next morning.

Next morning we decided to go for a little nature walk before breakfast.

The owner of the Inn told us that if we followed the trail we'd see a nice waterfall.
So, we followed...

And we followed...

And, then we found that a landslide had wiped out the trail.

So, we retreated.

Back down the catwalk.

And... back to the Inn where we had breakfast, checked out and headed home!
It was a wonderful overnight trip and I'm looking forward to our next.

Thanks for stopping by!

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