Thursday, November 7, 2013

Japan Food & Specialty Festival - Yokohama

Another good time! Last weekend Emi and I went to the Japan Food & Specialty Festival being held at Aka Renga Soko in Yokohama; a total eat, drink and be merry event.

On the way there we stopped by this unique fish market and bar/restaurant. I think we may be stopping back by here at a later date.

Ahhh... here we are at the festival. This gentleman is making buckwheat soba.

And, this fine person is selling fishcakes.

Kani kamaboko... anyone?

It seems the answer is, yes!

The green tea bar - tea for two?

This looks good.

Beer is always good.

Giving the soba a soft touch.

Team work!

OK, time to move on. It's a misty rainy day.

Outside of the Yokohama Historical Archive looking in.

Same window, inside looking out.

On display is a miniature setting of some place and time in history.

After leaving the Historical Archive we encountered this wedding party getting ready to take some pictures in Yamashita park.

A little rain won't spoil their day.

Can you spot the Father of the bride?

I must say, the bride looked beautiful.

However, the seagulls didn't pay much attention to the bride & groom.

Working our way back to Noge and a flotilla of kayaks are on the move.

Not to worry, they're a friendly bunch of paddlers.

This Curry restaurant in Bashamichi is always full of customers.

Bashiamichi is a swinging place.

Although it was constantly raining all day we went home feeling quite fulfilled and happy.

Thanks for stopping by!

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