Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Classic Cars and Seagulls too!

One never knows what one will see on a walk about. Last Saturday I was out walking around my favorite city [Yokohama] and found a Classic Car Exhibition was happening at Aka Renga Soko.

When I was in high school the thought that a Datsun would someday be a classic never occurred to me; and yet...

Anyone recognize this emblem?

A flying "A" hood ornament is a nice touch.

Nice white leather interior on this Mercedes.

This old Chevy was getting a lot of attention.

The Alpha Romeo works it's magic on this little guy.

I don't see many MGs on the road these days, this one is in perfect condition.

Make way for the Austin Healey.

Simple and elegant.

Up close this old Toyota Celica was pristine.

Man, what a grill!

Well, so much for the cars, time to grab a broom and sweep up the autumn leaves.

Making a quick pass through Yamashita park.

Yes, it's seagull feeding season.

And, here they are on the launch pad ready to take flight.

Lots of people out taking pictures today.

The leaves are starting to change colors.

And, love is in the air - there's no age limit on love.

The Sun's going down, it's getting cold out, time to start working my way back to the train station.

I've passed by this Udon noodle restaurant in Yoshida-cho so many times, One of these days I need to step in and check it out. It should be good, there's almost always a line to get in.

The Sun starts to go down and the lanterns light up.

It was a great day and this is my train.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Some great shots! My favorites are that lady feeding seagull, old couple, broom with autumn leaves and lanterns behind tree branch. I am totally addicted to your blog now, was checking it even during my travel :)

    1. Elena, you say the nicest things. I always appreciate your comments; they inspire me to try and do better. Thank you very much.