Sunday, February 17, 2013

If this is Sunday, we must be in Shimoda

Yes, Emi and I spent Sunday in Shimoda (Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture).  Here's a bit of our adventure.

We went to the small onsen town of Shimokamo first to check out the early blooming of the Kuwazu Sakura [cherry] blossoms.

There were quite a few other photographers taking pictures.

Some people brought their lunch and enjoyed viewing the blossoms while lunching.

Next we ate lunch and then went for a walk at Yumegahama beach. There were many paddle board surfers out enjoying themselves.

Next up we went to the cheapest place in Shimoda to buy mikans. This is the famous "no-name roadside mikan  stand".

Emi in action!

Lastly, we went for a walk around the more historical part of town.

Nice little public bath house.

We spent the night in Shimoda and the next day it was cold and rainy so after breakfast we headed home.

All the best,

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