Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grovin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Going out on Sunday afternoon is such terrific fun. Here are some of the images from today's Sunday afternoon.

A picture for the gear heads.

Hang on tight, things are going to speed up soon.

I'm still viewing life from behind a tree.

A sports fan!

Wisdom comes with age.

But, a pretty face still works for my camera lens.

Man, the sun is bright out here.

The good old boys hangin' out

Got something on my mind.

Nothing on his mind.

Kind of a Yoko Ono moment.

I just can't pass up a lantern shot.

It's news

Paper and audio


It's a long day for some.

But, not for me. I'll be getting off here.

Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Best regards,

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