Thursday, November 15, 2012

Destination, Minato Mirai

Yesterday I got the urge to leave work early and go for a walk-about. So, with camera inhand I headed out; destination Minato Mirai!

After departing Yokohama Station I take to the side streets and start working my way on foot to Minato Mirai.

Getting closer; just have to watch out for these speedy cars. I see Land Mark Tower so I'm heading in the right direction.

This is nice, a splash of Autumn color in the middle of a concrete jungle.  He has orange pants... orange hat too!

This is it! I'm in the heart of Minato Mirai. At least I think I am.

The Sun is starting to go down and the city starts to become a cold and lonely place. I need the comfort of a back alley.

This looks good.

Through the window of an Udon shop.

I need a drink. This place looks nice but not nice enough.

Hmmm, a bowling alley on the 5th floor and I left my ball and shoes at home. Darn!

This place would probably be alright for a drink and a bite to eat, but I'm so close to my favorite place  (Warai) that I'll keep going.

I have arrived!

And, there's Sumo on TV too! This is living!

Thanks for looking!

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