Friday, May 10, 2019

Kurihama Flower World - 2019 "The Poppies are here"

It happens every spring. The poppies bloom at the Kurihama Flower World Park.

The Park is about a 15 minute walk from both the JR and Keikyu train stations.

This time of year the carp streamers are flying too!

This place is really quite wonderful.

I like the white ones the best.

Walking paths criss-cross the large field of poppies.

There are other kinds of flowers here too.

Mostly there are poppies here. By-the-way, it's free admission to the park. So, any of you guys with not much money looking to impress a girlfriend... yes, it's a cheap date!

Orange poppies mixed with blue corn flowers.

Looking at the carp streamers from a different angle.

One of them is really big!

At the far end of the field...

There are steps leading up to the main route.

Holy cow! It's Godzilla!

Now you know why Godzilla is always so angry.  He's annoyed by all the children that use him for a slide.

In one end and out the other.

Then run back and do it again.

Beyond Godzilla there is other playground equipment for kids to play on.

Here comes the park train.

The kids playground is at the top of the hill, after that it's all easy walking.

There are small patches of flowers along the road.

The Flower World bus.

Flower World's Rosmarinus Cafe & Restaurant.

If you walk behind the restaurant there's a spectacular view of Kurihama Ferry Port and the entrance to Tokyo Bay.

There's also a view of the old power plant that is being torn down.

Just past the restaurant is a trail that leads down to this mega slide.

And, also to a herb garden, another kids playground and not in the picture there is a Ashi-no-yu (hot foot bath).

There are also numerous clean public restrooms all over the park.

After leaving the Kurihama Flower World Park I walked to the Kurihama Ferry port.

The Ferry terminal is on the left.

If you go behind the Ferry terminal and cross the street there is a small shop that sells deep fried foods.

Their stuff is cheap and delicious. I highly recommend this shop. 

After I bought some food to take home I returned to the Ferry landing just in time to see the Ferry getting underway. 

Backing up and turning around. Next stop is the Kanaya Ferry port on the Boso Peninsula. It's about a 40 minute trip and I think it's a lot of fun.

Just pass the Ferry port is Kurihama beach.

This is where the Hirasakugawa river reaches the ocean.

One last look back at the Ferry port before going home. Another Ferry enters the port and the sky looks like the end of the world is coming! Yes, it is time to go home!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

X-Pro2 camera, XF 16mm f2.8 R WR lens

Nojima Park - Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi

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