Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Fujifilm X100F Camera - Yes I bought one too!

I needed another camera like I needed another drink - and, I don't need another drink but like the camera I'll probably get one. So, now that I've got this camera it's time to go for a walk around the usual places in Yokohama and see what it can do.

Well, it's not so bad for street photography.

Hey! Seems to do pretty good at colorful flowers.

Taking a shot over the bow Nippon Maru. That's the Yokohama Bay Bridge in the background.

I'll show you my phone if you show me yours.

Here we are in Yamashita Park taking yet another picture of the Hikawa Maru. Thank goodness it's a nice day.

Gotta get the stern shot.

As a full time pedestrian I always appreciate a good park bench to stop and rest my legs.

Ah, spring is here, the flowers are blooming and love is in the air.

She must protect her fair skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The best sunscreen is a parasol.

A wide brimmed hat does a pretty good job too.

 Doris Day would say - Please, please don't eat the daisies. Actually she would sing it.

The lens on this camera is not too shabby.

I saw her standing there.

The business man with his business plan loving the life he lives.

The only thing better than a park bench on a nice day is a coffee shop that serves good coffee at a reasonable price.

One knows it's spring when the yellow rose blooms and the fat lady sings.

Well, we ain't got no fat ladies but the park is full of young girls.

I said it's spring but it's starting to look a lot like summer.

This is the new fountain in front of the Yokohama Museum of Modern Art. The kids are having a blast.

Passing under the modern art.

Let's park a sailing ship in the middle of the city. Fine by me.

When there's a nice day we'll always have people.

I'm a people person - how about you?

She's got things on her mind.

She's got music playing in her head.

And, she's in charge of her man

Lastly, she's thinking I need a plan.
The Fujifilm X100F and me - we sure had a real good time!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!
These images were taken with a Sigma Sd Quattro H camera and a Sigma 24-70mm EX DG zoom lens.

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