Friday, December 16, 2016

Sigma Sd Quattro & 18-35mm f1.8 Zoom Lens

I recently bought the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 zoom lens which on a crop sensor camera is the 35mm equivalent of a 27-52mm lens. So, I mounted it on my Sigma Sd Quattro camera and took it out for a test run.

Wanting to compare it to my other lenses I went to all the same old places and shot the same old scenes.

Tack sharp both near and far. Good old Landmark Tower - always there when you need it.

So far I'm really liking this lens.

The Asuka II cruise ship is in port today.

It's a beautiful day for walking around Yokohama's waterfront.

Holding hands with a loved one never gets old.

Throw me a life line!

The view from Osanbashi pier.

A close up up of Asuka II.

I've got the "Wedding Bell Blues" playing in my head.

Attack of the seagulls!

This is America-Yama Park. Here's a little secret; one can skip the long walk up the hill to get here by taking an escalator from Motomachi train station.

A short walk from America-Yama Park is Harbor View Park

At Harbor View Park one can view the harbor! Hence the name.

It's a nice place to visit, rain or shine.

It's time to test the lens on some flowers.

Conveniently there is a large flower garden at the park.

The lens does well on this interior shot in the old former British consulate.

Some of the last autumn leaves in Yokohama park.

The famous clothespin lens test. This test is held in a secret location on a side street off of Isezaki mall shopping street.

My old friend Nicky. She's cheaper than a professional model, just as beautiful and always available.

When crosswalks collide in the middle of the street.

The sign says they serve whisky! I'm in!

Lens test: Day 2

Reflections along the Ookagawa river.

Everyday life.

Everyday food.

I can't remember what these whirly things are called. Ah! I just remembered "Pinwheel".

100 yen sake servers.

There's nothing more beautiful than a mother and child. Especially when the child is well behaved and very quiet.

A woman on a mission.

The shopping in Motomachi lens test.

And, another flower shot.

It's a grey day in Yamashita park.

A man alone with his thoughts on a grey day in Yamashita park.

Break time for the birds on a grey day in Yamashita park.

Last shot of the day: Passing by Yokohama Stadium.

The Sigma 18-35mm lens is a great all-in-one lens for my kind of photography. The only draw back is that it's a little on the big and heavy side. No matter to me, it's better than having to carry two lenses.

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