Friday, February 19, 2016

A Beautiful Bright Sunny Day

A beautiful day with no plan, no agenda, no direction, no mission... in other words, a typical day out for me. Just walk around, smile and take pictures of whatever strikes my fancy.

A like minded free spirit? Another citizen of the world? Walk on by.

In the early morning I practically have the whole place to myself.

Another free spirit.

A moment of reflection.

The scenery that passes before the eyes of a drifter
An uncomplicated view of life all around

I'm seeing rust in a whole new way. Oxidation art!

Life is all about making choices.

Every picture tells a story; some are happy, some are sad, some are not what they appear to be.

This is a very safety conscious place.

This town is his town.

Outside looking in on a field of dreams.

Cubism art? No, a public restroom.

Where is everyone?

Barking up the tree.

Just the kind of valentine candy one needs to buy to convey a certain kind of message to one's sweetheart.

We and our shadows.

Lanterns! I sure do like lanterns.

Thanks for stopping by!

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