Saturday, November 7, 2015

Omikoshi Parade, Noge Yokohama 2015

This is all about people pulling together in the spirit of tradition, community, and good fun! The people of Noge are a free spirited bunch. They live life to the fullest; especially when it come to a party. If one wants to know more about "Omikoshi" just google it and you'll get all the background history needed to understand what's going on. For this post I'm more interested in the individuals that pull together for this occasion. These people have an abundance of personality!

Here comes the first shrine.

This thing weighs a ton and I couldn't be happier.

Lean on me.

Passing down the tradition from father to son.

Man and woman, young and old, everyone pulls their weight around here.

Team work. When one gets a little tired the others take up the slack.

Like I said, a lot of personality here.

Look Ma, no hands!

Hey, make room for me!

Where's the water boy? I need a drink.

It's not an event without observers.

Right about now someone's thinking, "I should't have drank so much last night".

Put me in coach, I'll carry it all by myself.

Break time

The young ones are learning a lesson today.

And, the older ones are having a damn good time!


Family and friends.

Somebody's got to be the grumpy one.

Here we go again.

A one and a half man clean up crew.

Living for the moment.

Omikoshi girls!

And, the parade just keeps on chugging along.

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