Friday, June 26, 2015

Transitioning from Spring to Summer

Transitioning from Spring to Summer, this is the best time of the year to be out and about.

It's not to hot or humid yet, people are happy!

Everyone has a smile on their face.

Flowers scent the air.

Children are eager to go to the park to play.

And, it's time to put the top down on your convertible car.

Bus tours are good anytime of year.

I hope this was only a drill.

Horses like this time of year too!

Back allies come alive in the warmth of the day.

This Korean restaurant sparkles in the noontime sun.

Flowers line the streets in beautiful Bashamichi.

It's perfect weather for a peddle cab ride.

Catching a cooling breeze on the waterfront.

The hydrangea are in bloom.

This is the best time of year for walking hand in hand.

Red rider ready to roll!

A perfect day to block off the street to cars and have a block party and flea market.

Trees lining the avenue keep things cool in the shade.

A draft beer keeps things cool too!

Emi decides to by a couple of blouses.

Fabulous day for cruising around on a bicycle... well as a car.
 Or, better yet, a sea kayak.

I like to cruise the underground pubs; anytime of year.

This is Chigusa in Noge; a top notch jazz bar.

All roads seem to lead to Oosanbashi.

From Oosanbashi one has an excellent view of the Yokohama bay bridge.

Good place for a cheap date.

Fun with light bulbs.

And lastly, this lantern reminds me that it's time to put the camera away and get a beer.

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