Monday, January 13, 2014

Reflections - Ookagawa River and Life

Last Saturday I'd been walking around, the Sun was glaring, none of my pictures seemed to work and I was getting ready to call it a day. I was across the street from the train station when I changed my mind and strolled over to the Ookagawa river. The Sun was still glaring but I found comfort walking along the river.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my reflection in the side mirror of an abandoned scooter.

Soon I was seeing reflections everywhere. Well, mainly in the calm waters of the river.

I was intrigued.

Thanks to the reflections the day was not a waste, it was fun.

Next day, Sunday. I had been interested in visiting a rather unique area of Yokohama. An area that is not marked on the tourist map. There is a small district of hostels and one room apartments that is the home of people looking for inexpensive lodging. This area is home for those people.

A fascinating place to explore. Most people here don't own a car, life is simple.

The streets are wide but there is very little traffic.

Since all the rooms that people live in are simply a room of four walls and a bed there are many coin laundries throughout the district.

This particular Hostel seemed to attract many foreign visitors. Perhaps backpackers passing through looking for a cheap place to crash.

Early Sunday, not much happening yet.

A peak inside the first floor of one of the apartment buildings.

This coin laundry had coin showers for people at the far end.

As the day warmed up residents came out looking for a sunny spot to enjoy the fresh air.

Sunday shopping.

After moving on I felt like a light snack and a hot cup of coffee.

Back on the street and out mingling with the other Sunday pedestrians.

Some decide to stop walking and wait for a bus.

And, not everyone has the day off.

However, those that are off are enjoying the day.

After returning to Yokosuka, I meet my wife outside the train station and we decided to stop by one of our favorite watering holes for a drink and a bite to eat.

Quite refreshing.

We were not alone in our enjoyment of food and drink.

The Sun goes down and it's time to go home.

Yuck. We won't be stopping there.

It was a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

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