Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Again, Film

Yes, I'm still working on the film thing. Some more images I just scanned this evening.

Inside looking out at the Yokohama Archives of History.

Standing on the Shinkobashi Bridge

Bashamichi street where they retain the old and build on it with the new.

My never ending quest to get a cool looking lantern picture (a quest that I'm still on).

There are no shortage of Chinese restaurants in China Town.

This statue was a gift to Yokohama from the City of San Diego (Yokohama's sister city).

The seagulls of Yamashita park.

I never get tired of taking pictures at the train station.

A new watering hole to be explored at a later date. This place starts serving at 8:00 AM.

I hear this is a great Jazz bar (located about two blocks from the Yokohama Stadium).
The best looking crossing guards I've ever seen! (Motomachi)

A beautiful day, a beautiful girl; welcome to the Bay Quarter.

Stain glass window at the Yokohama Foreigen General Cemetary.
Zou-No-Hana District

Crossing the Nakamura River

The Yokohama marine Tower

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Do you like listening to Jazz? Karen and I are going to see Diana Krall in May.

    1. Hi Kevin! Just about all I listen to is jazz. I have several Diana Krall CDs, she's quite good.