Friday, January 14, 2022

Starting the New Year - just like I ended the last

 Yes, it's me just walking around Yokohama taking pictures of people, places and things... mostly people. So, here we go!

Standing on the corner watching the world go by. 

Sometimes I watch people, sometimes people watch me.

Two for the road.

Two for the sky!

Just after the big New Year celebration and everyone is trying to get back into shape.

Probably making a YouTube video. 

Some people never got out of shape. Good for them!

Another way to start the New Year is going fast on 2 wheels.

Combining fun and physical fitness. 

Or, just having fun!

Yamashita park is full of people exercising and jogging.

I'll take a walk through Motomachi. 

Do not get in her way, she'll run you over and never look back! I'm just kidding 😄

These boots are made for walking. The thigh high boot fashion seems to be back this year.

A China Town delivery man.

Puppy love.

The ice skating rink is back at Aka Renga Soko (Red Brick Warehouse area). 

The Sky Duck amphibious tour bus.

I have never taken this tour - I think I should - It looks like fun!

The Sky Duck is leaving the pond.

I'm walking, he's walking, we're all walking to somewhere.

Yes, it's a basket. 

This guy's wearing his monkey face sweatshirt.

He's looking good in his Security Guard uniform.

Make way for the taxi. 

As soon as the taxi passes the street fills back up with people.

The  new Yokohama Air Cabin ride seems to be a money maker.

Okay, enough is enough, time to go home.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

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