Monday, September 26, 2022

Destination - Gifu Prefecture! (Part 1)

Let's start with a fun fact: Gifu Prefecture has more waterfalls than any other prefecture in Japan. We joined a 3 day group tour to explore Some of the waterfalls in Gifu and our first stop was Youmori.  

It starts as a nice walk in the woods.

The trail follows this lovely stream.

The walk is easy and the scenery is terrific. If you look carefully you can see a young woman squatting down on the river bank.

Here's a better look at her. She seems to be enjoying the cold clear water of the stream. 

We keep walking and at last we arrive at the Ryujin waterfall.

To give you a sense of how big the water fall is there's a man standing on the observation platform (left side of the picture).

To get closer to the waterfall we crisscross over a series of connected platforms and bridges. 

We're getting there.

Looking back I see that the rest of the group is catching up to us.

We're on the observation platform and everyone is taking pictures of each other. 

This place is really wonderful. 

The view of the stream above the waterfall. Now it's time to head back to the tour bus parking area.

The girl is still by the stream. I asked her if I could take her picture and she was fine with that. 

It's such a lovely walk, easy on the legs, regular walking shoes are fine.

The trails and bridges are well maintained.

Nobody is left behind.

Back at our bus. We're part of a good group; everyone's on time or early, no stragglers.

Next place to visit is Fudo Waterfall Hirozuki.

Our tour guide said we could only visit one waterfall because time was limited. From here there was a long drive to our hotel for the night. The trail to the waterfall starts at this mountain inn restaurant & shop.

They have fresh cucumbers and tomatoes kept cold by the mountain stream water.

Emi and Mayumi pose for a picture.

We arrive at the waterfall. The trail is tight and this is the only place one can take a picture of the waterfall. The water at the bottom of the fall is a beautiful green color.

Back at the bus and it's time for the long drive to our hotel at Gero Onsen.

Part two of this Gifu Prefecture adventure will be coming soon!

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

More Windsurfing - It gets exciting!

I've been spending a lot of time at the beach this summer. I don't consider myself a beach person but it is a good place for photography.

I think I'm lucky to live so close to Tsukuihama and Miura Beach. It's a windsurfers paradise.

There's a little bit of hard work before one gets to the fun stuff. 

Let's get happy!

Young and old, man and woman, all kinds of people love to windsurf.

Foil surfing with kite.

I thought I was a casual observer. This guy has me beat.

There's a lot of surf fishing going on around here too!

On a nice day the motorcyclist ride up and down the road that runs parallel to the beach.

This foil surfing with kite seems to be very popular.

Another casual observer.

Some of these guys are quite exciting to watch.

Incoming surfer.

This guy looks real happy.

I'd like to think that I'm too old to try this but a lot of the people out here look like they're the same age as I am.


Like the post title says, it gets exciting!

Getting into the "V" formation.

Here's a guy with his sand skimmer.

This woman is getting ready to go!

What goes up must come down.

This guy was waving at me, wanted me to take his picture, so I did.

We all fall down.

What a thrill it must be.

I had lunch at McDonalds and then I walked back down to the other end of the beach. Passing by some motorists on my way.

More thrills on the high seas!

I guess this is called para-surfing.

Back at Tsukuihama beach and people are still surfing. 

There seems to be more of what I consider traditional windsurfers here.

One last look back before I walk to Tsukuihama train station and go home.

Bonus shots! My attempt at oceanside fine art photography!

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