Friday, May 20, 2022

A Triathlon, Hula Dancing and Baseball Cheerleaders!

 Sunday in Yokohama, anything goes!

First the Yokohama Triathlon . This is quite a big deal. A lot of planning, organization, facilities, volunteers, participants from all over the world, and money! It's amazing.

It's a two day event and I usually just stop by on the second day to take a few pictures.

The Yamashita Park rose garden is in the background.

The cyclists.

This is my favorite part of the triathlon.

Fans line the streets. Many of the spectators are there to cheer on family members and friends.

The leader of the pack.

Coming around the bend.

Go, go, go!

Lots of photographers here. It's time for me to move on.

Time to check out the rose garden at the Harbor View park.

The park is full of people. It's always full of people on Sunday.

The roses are beautiful.

I don't know what this flower is.

It is interesting.

I always like to take pictures of people with the Bay Bridge in the background.

This attractive young lady was posing for a photographer. I slid behind him and took her picture too.   

When I left the Harbor View Park I could hear Hawaiian music playing in the distance. 

The music was coming from America Yama Park

To my delight there was a Hula Dancing event going on in the park. 

Hula groups of all different ages were performing. Many groups were gathered waiting for their turn to perform.

America Yama Park is very small but it's perfect for this kind of event. 
Time to move on.

Where ever you are, it seems like to get where ever you want to go you need to pass through China Town.

Not a problem for me, I love China Town; it's always full of people.

She's drinking a Tsingtao beer.

Yep, a lot of people here today.

I stopped at Nihon Odori Boulevard for a coffee break, this pigeon kept me company.

If a triathlon , roses in the park and hula dancers wasn't enough...
The Hanshin Tigers baseball team from Osaka was in town to play the Yokohama BayStars. 

The baseball stadium is in Yokohama Park right next to Nihon Odori Boulevard. 

The BayStars cheerleaders were putting on a free show in the park. Loud music, dancing... this is great!

There were also plenty of food and drink venders in the park.

It would be easy to have a great time at the game without going into the stadium to watch it.  Time to move on.

To get to the train station to go home I need to walk through the Noge bar district.
The Noge district is famous for the nightlife. 

On Sunday the nightlife starts early in the afternoon. 

When the sun goes down this place will be packed with people. But, by then I'll be home thinking about going to bed!

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Friday, May 13, 2022

The Yokohama Parade! May 2022

 Yokohama is breaking out from under COVID's dark cloud. It's time for  parade!

I love a parade. I'm always impressed with how well the young people perform. 

These kids must spend hours and hours practicing for these events.

Parades make me happy.

Some of these kids are so young.

I wish there was an adult standing next to this little girl so that in comparison it would be so obvious how small she is.

In this day and age it's amazing that people are still twirling batons. 

I'm impressed!

I never get tired of watching and listening to a marching band. 

Here comes one of the best bands in the parade. There's a reason they get a police motorcycle escort. BTW, those are female police officers on the motorcycles.

This is the Yokohama Police Marching Band.

They are good.

Very sharp and precise in their marching.

They sound amazing.

It's easy to get somewhat emotional watching them perform.

The tuba player is always last.

I decided to move my location to get a better view of the parade. I found myself walking with a group of cheerleaders heading for the parade's starting point. 

I realized that my wife wasn't with me so I went back to get her. No, that's not my wife, she's part of the Coca-Cola marching group. 

These dancing girls are part of the Coca-Cola group too.

It wouldn't be a parade without floats.  

Feathers in the caps.

New location and these are the Korean dancers.

Another baton twirler. 

Bring on the Chinese dancers. 

Now it's time for the wild girls of Isezaki shopping street mall.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce The Boy Scouts!

Some of the Boy Scouts are girls. 

Now for the Cub Scouts.

Here come the Kimono women.

So beautiful.

And, off they go.

It's one band after another, I love it!

Crowd control. 

More baton twirlers. 

She caught it. 

Cheer Up Yokohama! This parade has cheered me up!

The Yokohama Fire Department marching band is just entering the street to form-up for marching.

I think they are the last group to enter the parade.

Last shot of the day: Police are used to control traffic and keep the parade route clear and safe for the people in the parade and all the people watching the parade. It's a big job and the police do a good job of it. Well done to all the police and volunteers who made this parade possible. And, a very special thank you to all the parade participants - they were all fantastic!

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