Tuesday, December 11, 2018

One Hundred and One Porsche in Yokohama

Greetings Porsche fans and fans of all things Yokohama!

It was a typical Saturday in Yokohama, I was walking around taking pictures of everyone and everything.

I was carrying my Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera with a Fujinon XF 35mm f2 R WR lens mounted on it.

I can only wonder...
How does it feel to be
One of the beautiful people

When I arrived at the Aka Renga Soko Red Brick Warehouse area there was a classic car exhibition going on.

Now, for those of you that came here to see Porsche cars, don't worry, we'll get there from here.

There were many classic cars on display but my favorites were the Karmann Ghias. I think they look so cool.

I realized that I'd brought the wrong lens for shooting pictures of cars and I decided to comeback the next day with a wider angle lens.

I finished the rest of Saturday taking random pictures of the usual suspects.

High heel struttin'

As the sun goes down on the day the bars and restaurants start to fill up with customers.

Day 2: Sunday

I returned to the Aka Renga Soko Red Brick Warehouse area expecting to see all the same cars from the day before. Instead they had been replaced with Porsche cars for as far as the eye could see.

No two cars were the same.

This was Porsche heaven.

By-the-way, today's camera rig is the Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera with a Fujinon XF 18 mm f2 R WR

Here's a guy on a cheap date. This car exhibition is free!

Car collecting is a rich man's game.

Inspecting all the little details.

My wife likes the red ones.

One last shot before moving on.

Back to the streets of Yokohama.

It's a beautiful day for a walk in the park.

The sunshine's bright, the day gets warmer, off come the coats.

She's making a list and checking it twice.

It's Sunday and almost everyone is carrying a camera.

A man and a woman... I can hear Johnny Mathis singing in my head.

Now I'm hearing "As Time Goes By". That's all for Sunday.

Time for a look at what I did last weekend.  The Porsche weekend was in November. It's December now and things are a bit colder.

The sky is grey, the autumn leaves are blowing away.

It's getting darker earlier in the day.

A cold wind is chilling the air, my jacket has been replaced with a coat, my hands are covered with gloves.

A change in the weather doesn't stop people from going out and having fun.

A small boat heads out to sea for a three hour tour, a three hour tour (get it?).

The Yokohama Bay Bridge.

The cruise ship Asuka II is moored at Osanbashi pier.

The bus stop at Osanbashi pier. If you look close you can see that a Christmas wreath is on the center headlight of the bus.

A happy couple, the proud father pushing the baby carriage.

The city can be a lonely place.

Last shot: As the day turns to evening the lanterns are lit to invite the customers in for a bite to eat and a drink to drink.

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Bonus shots!
Sony A7II camera and Voigtlander 50mm f2.0 Heliar Classic VM lens (Limited Edition - Silver)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

From Nobi to Kurihama - Walking the Coastal Route

Walking from Nobi to Kurihama is fun, healthy, visually stimulating and best of all it's free!
Note: Nobi and Kurihama are located on the Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
If one would like to walk this route the best way to start is to take the Keikyu train line to YRP Nobi station. Then, walk from the station to Nobi beach; it's about a 10 minute walk.

And, here we are at Nobi beach.

While I call it a beach it's not very beach like. The waterfront in some places is developed to withstand typhoons and high waves.

There are some breakwaters and the coast is concrete reinforced. However, that does not detract from the enjoyment of the walk.

At the beginning of the hike there is a nice public restroom. I suggest that people use this restroom before continuing on because the next one is in Kurihama.

Here we go!

If one wanted to actually walk the coast on the waterfront it would be very difficult.  Lucky for us there is a nice sidewalk that runs parallel to the beach.

A cloudy day with calm seas.

Weeds along the way.

In the old days there was a place here where one could rent horses and ride up and down the waterfront.

 A few years ago a typhoon completly wiped out this section of the road. Now it's all replaced with heavy duty concrete reinforcement.

As the day goes by the view gets better and better.

Another breakwater. Man's attempt to thwart Mother Nature.

I'm a big fan of clouds.

Clouds are beautiful and all one needs to do is look up from their smart phone for a moment to enjoy them.

I've come to the end of Nobi beach...

...now it's time to round the bend and go to Kurihama. Perry-dori refers to Commode Matthew  C. Perry. It's in the history books, or of course one can google it.

The old power plant. Last time I was here there were large fuel tanks in the foreground. They're all gone now.

There used to be three towers, now there's only two. In time there will be none.

Here comes the Kurihama car Ferry. It's actually the Tokyo-Wan Ferry and it runs between Kurihama and Kanaya port on the Boso Peninsula.

The Ferry is moored!

A view of the Ferry Terminal.

Open the bow doors and out comes the cars. By-the-way, the Tokyo-Wan Ferry is great! If you're in the area leave your car behind and by a round trip passenger ticket. It's terrific fun and there are things to do around Kanaya port within walking distance.

Moving on. A local guy doing what local guys around here do.

A view from Kurihama beach. In the distance the Ferry is returning to Kanaya port. It takes about 40 minutes for the Ferry to get there.

Kurihama beach is small but pleasant.

A concrete jetty at the far end of the beach. It helps to protect the fishing boats as they return to the Hirasaugawa river.

The waterfront on the other side of the Hirasakugawa river.

The view from the bridge over the Hirasakugawa river.

There is a nice promenade that goes from the Kurihama train station to the beach. It's a nice walk along the river.

It's getting late, the sun is going down, I'm getting cold, my legs are tired, I need a beer...

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Bonus shots!

These shots were taken around Yokohama with my Fuji X-Pro2 camera and Fujinon XF 23mm f2 R WR lens.

Voigtlander 50mm f2.0 Heliar Classic VM lens (Limited Edition) and Sony A7II