Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Tsukuihama & Miura Beach - Terrific Fun in the Summertime!

 Tsukuihama beach is famous for windsurfing and Miura beach is famous for its sandy beach... lets check them out!

Day 1: Baby, it's hot out here!

This is a good way to cool off on a hot day. Take off your shoes and get your toes wet. No need to go crazy and go swimming.

There's always people fishing here.

Let's go windsurfing!

This is the area that separates Tsukuihama from Miura beach. It's kind of a fisherman's junkyard. 

Here come the swimming horses of Miura beach.

This little girl is probably having the time of her life.

Things are slow and easy at Miura beach.

Nobody is in a hurry.

It's not too crowded today.

Smile for the camera!

Here come the paddle board people.

A farmer has a day at the beach?

A straw hat is good protection from the sun. 

So many outdoor activities. 

I think this guy thought he was at the French Riviera! 

Last shot of day 1, flying high at Tsukuihama!

Day 2: The first day was so much fun I came back the next day for more!

Windsurfing training. Practice on the beach before going into the water.

Dead or alive? Don't worry, he's alive.

Fun at the beach.

I never get tired of watching the windsurfers. 

They look so free.

Hey! It's the horses!

Time to go for a swim.

Riding the horses is not free.

But, it is fun!

I'm surprised at how popular windsurfing is with woman.  

Coming in for a landing.

Somebody doesn't know their left foot from their right.

Last shot of the day: Mr. Cool checking out the beach.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

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