Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Cloudy Day In Yokosuka

 I looked out the window this morning and I was impressed with the clouds. I like clouds. Time to go for a walk.

Clouds! By the way, I decided to switch my Sigma Sd Quattro camera from color to black & white. 

I thought it would be fun to fool around in black & white. Really shake things up... go crazy!

So far I'm really enjoying this walk. It's pretty hot out today but walking along the coast seems to have a cooling effect.

Entering the Mabori Kaigon seawall.

Very nice.

A fisherman looking for a good fishing spot.

Fishing boat in the foreground, Monkey Island in the background.

I like how the seawall has a little S-turn in it.

Looking back down the seawall.

Another shot of Monkey Island in the distance.

The clouds are starting to get a bit wispy. 

This seawall is a great place for walking, running too for those with the energy for it.

Usually at this point I turn around and go back home but today I've decided to keep going to Kannonzaki lighthouse beach park.

I can see Mt. Fuji today. 

Walking up the hill I get a little bit better look at Mt. Fuji.

A view of Hashirimizu fishing port.

Now that I'm at the top of the hill I can get a really good view of Mt. Fuji.

On the other side of the hill is a small beach with a huge piece of driftwood. It's more like a drift-tree. 

On the other side of the beach I spotted this old VW van in a garage.

It looks like German vehicles are everywhere today. 

I pause to take a close-up picture of some weeds.

Down by the maritime training school.

At last I have Kannonzaki lighthouse in sight. That's the new modern one. There's an older one on the other side of the hill.

This nice promenade makes walking easy.

Rental boats are available. And, the clouds are almost gone.

There are park benches for weary walkers to sit and rest. Nice view too!

While people swim and play at the beach park, less than 1000 meters away huge ships are traveling to and from Tokyo.

Last shot of the day: One more shot of this old platform and then I have to run and catch the bus!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

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