Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Black Sand Beach of Jogashima Island

 I asked my wife if she'd like to visit the secluded black sand beach on Jogashima island. She said, "sure, why not?" so, off we went. 

Starting out on the island coast nearest the bus terminal we started our adventure.

A map of the island is very helpful.

All adventures in Japan start out with walking up a lot of steps. I think it's the law!

After walking the trail for awhile we arrived at the entrance to the black sand beach. It's a steep overgrown and jungle like path that's slippery and very dangerous! We can handle it.

At the bottom of the path is a beautiful rocky coast.

There's no one else here. That's Emi on the right hand side of the picture.

Here it is! The black sand beach!

I suggested that we take off our clothes and run wild on the beach. Emi said "no" and that was that.

There's only one way in and one way out of this beach. Unless one plans to arrive and depart on a boat.

Being the Robinson Crusoe type of guy that I am I made a bench and a monopod from driftwood. 

After awhile it was time to move on. The path up starts with these worn steps back up the hillside.

Here we're passing by the top of the famous stone archway.

Here it is from the front view. 

We were getting hungry so we walked to the far end of the island to enjoy our picnic lunch.

This end of the island is well maintained and has lookout points and clean restrooms.

There is also a new lighthouse.

Not far from the lighthouse is a nice picnic table.

The problem is that if you eat here the Seahawks will swoop down and steal your food. They are not intimidated by humans, they'll snatch a sandwich right out of your hand as you're about to put it in your mouth. Hopefully they won't mistake a finger for a hotdog!

Other than the Seahawks this really is a great place to relax and there are covered areas where one can enjoy eating a meal.

Walking the trail back to the bus terminal.

Last shot of the day: Back where we started.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

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