Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Mother Nature - The Show Will Go On!

No matter what happens Mother Nature will not be denied her Springtime glory. So, I decided to go to the Ookagawa river and check out the status of the cherry blossoms.

They are just starting to bloom.

The Ookagawa river is a real showcase for the cherry blossom trees and normally there are vendors in tents selling drinks and food up and down the river. Not this year, that's been cancelled because of you know what.

The wind was blowing strong on the river and I couldn't get the kind of shots I wanted so I moved on to some of the other parks and gardens to see what Mother Nature had on display.

I really appreciate the city of Yokohama for maintaing these beautiful flower gardens.

I think this is the greatest city on Earth.

Taking a walk is a thing of joy!

My old friends the tulips.

This tulip lowered the drawbridge to give me a look inside.

Yokohama park is the place to be for tulip lovers.

Yellow is a good color.

Pink tulips with yellow inside.

Kind of an Easter egg sort of thing.

Walking along Nihon Odori Boulevard.

The daisies in Yamashita park.

The wind is starting to die down now so it's time to head back toward the Ookagawa river. I'll take a shortcut through China town.

And, back through Yokohama park.

Mary Poppins is enjoying a walk through the park too!

I want to ride my bicycle.

Somebody's feeding the pigeons in Odori koen.

Heckle and Jeckle?

The wind is down, the sun is shining and everybody is happy.

And, I'm back at the river.

The celebrations have been canceled but they were nice enough to put up the lanterns.

Another week and this place will be in full bloom.

Time for a smoke break.

One look back at the river and then it's time to catch a train and go home for the day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shots!

VM75mm f1.5 lens


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